Hi, I’m Karolina. I’m a passionate local dog owner and avid hiker and have been living in Westmere and surrounding suburbs for the last ten years. I’ve grown up around the full gamut of dog breeds, from German Shepherds to Rottweilers, Labradors and Jack Russells, down to my current furry friends ‘Friday’ a Griffon Brabançon and ‘Alfie’ a Border Collie x Lab.

I’m fully certified in pet first aid from Pet First Aid Training. Our ‘The Dogwalker’ van is custom fitted and air-conditioned for complete dog safety and comfort.

It’s such a pleasure to watch dogs race around, explore and play. At ‘The Dogwalker’ we love bringing this ‘outdoor fun’ to your dog, every day. Our walks are ‘structured walks’ this means incorporating basic training excercises into the the walk - using positive reinforcement - sit, wait, come, threshold awareness etc in between play and exploring. This helps us to build up a trust and understanding with your dog, and helps keeps the dogs focused and engaged during the walk.

Auckland is a sprawling city, but it’s full of gorgeous forested pockets, empty beaches and suburban parks. As ‘The Dogwalker’ I love sharing and exploring these beautiful places with your canine family.

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