How does it work?

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1. Meet & greet

Call or email us and we will set up a meet and greet at your home at a time that suits you.

That’s when we get to know you and your dog - their temperament, energy levels and any special requirements or quirks. Dogs must be well socialised and have reliable recall to be off-leash.

Our walking groups are made up of like-minded dogs so that the high energy ones get what they need, and the older or smaller dogs that prefer a gentler pace also get to snuffle and ramble to their hearts’ content.


2. make a booking

Book your dog in for walks either:
• every day (5 days a week),
• regular (3-4 days a week) or
• casual (1-2) days a week.

You can book a month at a time, to make life simpler.

Bookings for the week ahead need to be made by Sunday 4pm.

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3. we walk your dog

On the selected 'walk day’, we will come to your home with our air-conditioned, customised ‘The Dogwalker’ van.

We will collect your dog and take them to one of our carefully selected dog walking destinations, where we lead a structured walk both on and off lead, and the dogs can run, play, romp and socialise with our other walkees.

If it's wet or muddy, dogs are given a wipe down and towel dry at the end of the walk. If it’s hot, we pick shady routes and wet the dogs down before we set off. We always carry water and a pet first-aid kit on our walks.

A one hour walk is a full hour of ‘paws on the ground’ fun - travel times vary and are additional to the time your dog spends walking.

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4. enjoy your pooch

We return your dog to your home tired, relaxed and chilled out so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your fur friend has also had a great day.