Why dogs love our walks

Our dogs are smart, sociable creatures and they need to burn off energy each day. Getting your dog out of the house to socialise, run, play and explore can help reduce some less desirable behaviours such as anxiety, excessive barking, digging, boredom and destructive or obsessive tendencies and leave you instead with a more well-behaved, chilled out, happy pooch.

Ideally we’d all have time and energy to do this ourselves, but sometimes work or family commitments, injury or illness or simply the frenetic pace of everyday life makes it hard to fit a decent outing in each day for our dogs.

The Dogwalker makes getting through this really easy - you don’t have to drop your dog off anywhere in rush hour traffic, you don’t even have to be home at a certain time, but you will know that your dog will have had a solid outing with The Dogwalker, running around outside in the fresh air with small group of like-minded dog pals.